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Our Plans for the 2015 Season:
It will be an exciting year for all of us, and we at TNT Racing are inviting you to become a part of our team. Race cars are an excellent advertising opportunity. On an average night there are over 9,000 fans at a local racing event. These fans watch the race car circle the track 50 or more laps (traveling series such as MTS and ARCA/CRA Super Series race many more laps and the amount of spectators range from 20,000 to 100,000 along with television coverage). This means for example there are 2 X 50 X 9,000 = 900,000 opportunities each weekend for customers to see your name. Auto racing is the fastest growing spectator sport in America today. By joining our team, we can help your business prosper as you help us move to the front of the pack this season and in seasons to come. With these winning race drivers and TNT Racing P.R. and Promotions at the wheel, your business is sure to prosper.

Additional Benefits:
All Sponsors will receive a car appearance and autograph session, along with tickets to watch your car compete in an exciting race of your choice. Flyers and coupons are handed out at the racetrack and all car shows with the TNT logo stamped for easy tracking. Plus, you will also be given an easy to find spot on our web site with a link to your business and services.

TNT would like to thank All of our Sponsors for there Support this Race Season and Please Support the Sponsors that our Drivers!!

Corner of Riverview & Mt.Olivet

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